Turning Dreams into Reality

About Me

Get to know me better.. 


Name: Freya Nox; named after the Norse Goddess of love and sex 


Age: 26


Ethnicity: Afro-Latina, Black & Hispanic 


Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Body type: 5’2, 140 pounds, 32DDD, soft curves 


Personality: book worm, talkative, stoner, passionate, intuitive, intelligent, soft spoken, imaginative and creative, charming, adventurous yet introverted, sensual, romantic, loves to please


What I offer? Companionionship, affection, a listening ear and a warm body, and positive energy, to all who meet me. I also offer kink, bdsm, fetish sessions, and even outfit requests! Don't be shy; I'd love to hear what turns you on! 


I cater to: all genders, ages 18+, ethnic backgrounds, sizes and shapes, including those who are disabled. All I ask is that you are respectful, kind, and have good hygeine upon meeting me.


Favorite flower: Marijuana (indica strain), roses 


Likes: international travel, small animals, reading, metaphysics, stimulating conversations, meeting new people, psychology, trying new things, dancing, fine dining, big hearted people, true crime books/documentaries, documentaries in general 


Dislikes: rudeness, close minded people, dishonesty, racism, onions


Interests/hobbies: yoga, plant based diets, foreign travel, astrology, history, crazy adventures, art, music, my dog (toy poodle), reading and studying astrology 


Random Facts: I can speak conversational Spanish and Italian, I can make an amazing vegan spaghetti, I’m left handed,  and I always bring my tarot cards to a date just in case you would like an intuitive psychic message from me!


Favorite foods: Italian, Indian, Chinese, and FRENCH FRIES! Anything vegan/vegetarian 


Favorite colors: pink and green, red for clothes 


Zodiac: Virgo Sun, Scorpio Moon, Gemini rising 

Freya Nox
Las Vegas, NV
5' 1"
135 lbs
Puerto Rican